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2006年6月18日 (日)

Marao island in Maldives


Dharmeratnam Sivaram (Taraki)
 Geo-Strategic Implications of Sethusamudram

Daily Mirror, 6 October 2004

http://www.tamilnation.org/forum/sivaram/041006.htm (18 Jun 2006)

"China negotiated a deal with Maldives from 1999 to build a base in Marao one of the largest islands of the 1192 a tolls that make up Maldives. It lies 40 kilometres from Male. The base deal was finalised after two years of negotiations when Chinese PM Zhu Rongji visited Male on 17 May 2001 on his four nations South Asian tour.

The Marao base will not be operational until 2010.Beijing will use Marao Island for 25 years on lease and pay back Maldives in foreign currency.

An Indian defence reporter, sounding the alarm at the time, wrote: "Coral islands make fine submarine pens.The People's Liberation Army - Navy (PLAN) proposes to deploy nuclear submarines fitted with sea launched Dong Feng 44 missiles and ballistic missiles in Marao"(Curiously, the official organ of a pro-Chinese Tamil party launched a tirade against me for mentioning the Maldives base deal in passing in my column for the Sunday Virakesari)"

By VIVEK RAGHUVANSHI, NEW DELHI, "India, Maldives Move Toward A ‘Privileged Partnership’"  Posted 04/24/06 11:01
http://www.defensenews.com/story.php?F=1717348&C=asiapac (18 Jun 2006)

India’s primary concern in the region is the influence of China. Maldives in 1999 leased its Marao Island to China for maritime traffic management, but the island also is used by the Chinese to monitor Indian and U.S. warships in the Indian Ocean.
A senior Navy official said China’s presence on Marao, the largest of Maldives’ 1,192 atolls, does not pose a strategic threat to India because India is already monitoring Chinese naval activities in the Indian Ocean through its tri-command base in Andaman and Nicobar.


7 Apr 2006

Maldives: Tiny islands, big intrigue
By Sudha Ramachandran

According to these reports, the Chinese managed to persuade the Maldivian government to grant them a base on Marao, one of the largest islands of the archipelago, and that Pakistan had played an important role in pushing the deal through. The base was to become operational in 2010.

The base in Marao, Maldives, could be part of this strategy of securing the sea lanes through which pass oil tankers from the Middle East heading for China.

accessed on 16 Feb 2006

China: Facing a Multinational Maritime Morass  February 15, 2006 20 47  GMT

China apparently has taken control of the island of Marao in the Maldives, right off India's coast, for use as a base for naval operations.

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acquires a base in




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なお小生は、newsinsight.netをJane's  Defense News 程信用していない。

”The ‘great base race’ in the Indian Ocean littoral:conflict prevention or stimulation?,” Contemporary South Asia, Sep 2004, ?頁


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