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2006年6月18日 (日)

Marao Island - Where is it?

http://www.primary0.com/2006/04/27/marao-island-where-is-it/ より引用。

Marao Island - Where is it? Progressive: what the blog?  27 Apr 2006,

Again, I just read about a Marao Island in the Maldives being used by the Chinese as a military base. There has been many reports since 2001 that the Maldivian government leased this so called Marao Island to China for at least 25 years to be used for military purposes. These reports also say that Marao island is just 40 kilometers away from Male’ and that Marao island is the largest island in the country. Heh.

At least there were counter-reports saying that this island does not exist and that report was a total hoax. That is correct. But any Maldivian would be surprised at the number of results you get if you searched google for this fantasy land Marao Island.

One Response to “Marao Island - Where is it?”
fanditha Says:

Amazing stuff. Nobody maldivian seems to have heard of this island named Marao before all this Chinese submarine base stories. And all these reports of an island that does not exist.
Maybe some island has been renamed Marao! Islands are being renamed. Take a look at the resort island names. Quite a few have been changed. So maybe its an island or a reef that has been renamed.
Zaki mentions that - “It is important to note that although the Marao Island story is a fabrication, high profile negotiations are taking place between the Chinese and the Maldives. Furthermore, there are well founded reports that the Chinese may get their wish to establish a military base in the Maldives by 2010″.



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