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The Quranic Concept of War の著者、S.K.Malik准将関連


It was General Zia who ushered in a new era of Islamisation, bigotry and blasphemy laws targeting minorities, and nurtured radical, armed Islamic groups bent on waging jihad across the world. Officers recruited in his era are three-star Generals today, and the army is largely motivated by the ideology of the “Quranic Concept of War” articulated by his protégé Brigadier (later Major General) S.K. Malik.

Describing anyone who stands in the way of jihad as an “aggressor”, Malik held that “the aggressor is always met and destroyed in his own country”. Malik also had a unique view of the concept of “terror”.

He averred: “Terror struck into the heart of the enemy is not only a means. It is an end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent's heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved. Terror is not a means of imposing a decision upon the enemy, it is the decision we wish to impose on him. It is a point where the means and end merge.”

This is precisely what was sought to be “imposed” on the ill-fated people killed in the Victoria Terminus in Mumbai on 26/11.


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2012年6月10日 (日)

The Quranic Concept of War

The Quranic Concept of Warは、パキスタン軍のS.K.Malik准将が著したもの。

書評としては、JOSEPH C. MYERS, "The Quranic Concept of War,"Parameters, Winter 2006-2007, pp.118-121.がよろし。

Sebastian Gorka, "Inside Al-Qaeda," Armchair General, May 2012, PP.42-49.に掲載されている記事に記載されているらしい。

全文は、Wolf Pangloss Moral clarity in the Global Counterjihad and Each Local Counterjihad というサイト で読めます。
"The Quranic Concept of War and Terror,"Existential Space, Dec 15 2005, にもありますが、めんどくさいので読んでません。

が、Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr, The Islamic Leviathan: Islam and the Making of State Power (Oxford Univ Pr, 2001).読むとよろし。インドネシアとパキスタンの事例で、高卒公務員でも理解可能。

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2010年1月18日 (月)


"British troops get U.S. rifles to tackle the Taliban," dailymail, 17 Jan 2010,
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1243851/British-troops-U-S-rifles-tackle-Taliban.html (18 Jan 2010)によるもの。

この小銃は米国のLewis Machine & Tool Companyで製造されるが、(この部分はAndrew WhiteのJDW100116の記事による)写真には2脚が装着されている。やはり派遣時には2脚は有益と思量。写真↓


"Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, a member of the Commons Defence Select Committee, said: 'The realisation that the SA80 A2 does not throw a heavy enough round for combat operations opens up the whole question of what is the right standard rifle for the Armed Forces.'"


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2010年1月14日 (木)


数年来、業界では5.56ミリ弾薬の威力不足が指摘されていたが(あとで依拠した資料書きます。手許に無いので書けない。許してください。)、このほど英国防省は2千5百万ドル相当で7.62ミリ小銃×440を供給する契約を締結。このL129A1(恥ずかしながら、小銃名称誤りでした。L29A1と書いてしまった。L129A1でした。恥ずかしい間違いです。この部分は1月18日に追加、修正)は、ガス利用弾倉給弾方式。これにより、800mまでの目標に対処可能(sharpshooting capability)となる。
以上は、Andrew White, "UK selects 7.62mm weapon for operatios in Afghanistan," Jane's Defence Weekly, 6 Jan 2010, p.7.より抜粋。


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2009年3月15日 (日)



Murray Brewster, "Bring tanks: Cdns tell Afghan-bound Americans," Canadian News, 11 Mar 2009,  <http://www.canadaka.net/link.php?id=42527> (15 Mar 2009)


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2008年6月22日 (日)




Major Shahid Afsar, Pakistan Army; Major Chris Samples, U.S. Army; and Major Thomas Wood, U.S. Army, "The Taliban: An Organizational Analysis," Military Rreview, May-June 2008, p.63, <http://usacac.army.mil/CAC/milreview/English/MayJun08/SamplesEngMayJun08.pdf> (22 Jun 2008)


Ibid, p.65.

アフガニスタンに行く人は↓を熟読・玩味しよう。要員としての矜持を持て。Major Shahid Afsar, Pakistan Army; Major Chris Samples, U.S. Army; and Major Thomas Wood, U.S. Army, "The Taliban: An Organizational Analysis," Military Rreview, May-June 2008, pp.58-72, <http://usacac.army.mil/CAC/milreview/English/MayJun08/SamplesEngMayJun08.pdf> (22 Jun 2008)

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2006年7月23日 (日)

Myanmar-DPRK military connection


Greg Sheridan, "Burma seeks nuclear weapons alliance with N Korea," The Australian, 5 Jul 2006,  2006<http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,19689419-31477,00.html> (23 Jul 2006)

"What is Pyongyang up to in Kachin State?" irrawaddy. org, April 01, 2004<http://www.irrawaddy.org/aviewer.asp?a=941&z=12>  (14 Sep 2004)この記事は軍事協力とは直接関係ない。

"N.Korea reactor for Myanmar," 6 May 2004<http://www.newsinsight.net/nati2.asp?recno=2736&ctg=World> (23 Jul 2006)
Myanmar is planning to construct a nuclear research reactor at Natmauk in Myothit in Central Burma with North-Korean assistance.

Matthew P. Daley, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs Testimony before the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific and Subcommittee on International Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Human Rights Washington, DC March 25, 2004
<http://www.state.gov/p/eap/rls/rm/2004/30789.htm>  (23 Jul 2006)

Bertil Lintner and Shawn W. Crispin, "Dangerous Bedfellows:Evidence of a blossoming military relationship between pariah regimes in Rangoon and Pyongyang is causing growing concern overseas,"Far Eastern Economic Review, Nov. 20, 2003

"Burma Stregthens Military Ties with DPRK," Chosun Ilbo, 4 Jul 2004,
http://nk.chosun.com/english/news/news.html?ACT=detail&key=1&res_id=4612  (18 May 2004)

ミャンマーの核兵器保有の可能性についてAndrew Selth,は、Despite a few rather odd suggestions to the contrary, there has never been any sign that Burma has even considered the acquisition or use of nuclear weapons. Nor is it likely to do so.としている。

Andrew Selth, Burma's Armed Forces: Power without Glory, (Norwalk: EastBridge, 2002), p.244.

"Burma's North Korean Gambit: A Challenge to Regional Security?" ANU, March 2006,

"Burma and Weapons of Mass Destruction," ANU, 1999

ミャンマーの核兵器関連報道の信頼性は極めて低いとの報道がある。 Maxmilian Wechsler, "Nuclear claims deserve scepticism,"  Bangkok Post, 25 Apr 2006, <http://www.burmanet.org/news/2006/04/25/bangkok-post-nuclear-claims-deserve-scepticism-maxmilian-wechsler/> (23 Jul 2006)
It is important to keep in mind that to date the claims of a Burmese nuclear programme have come mostly from dissidents who may be trying to spur the international community toward direct action against the military rulers.


According to a western diplomat based in Bangkok, “It is nonsense to say that Burma plans to purchase nuclear technology from Russia or North Korea in order to build a weapon.

“What some Burmese dissidents are attempting to do is what their Iraqi counterparts did before them- the result was the invasion of Iraq, the consequences of which are well known to everyone.”


N.Korea ballistic missiles for Burma likely,
14 October 2003,
http://www.newsinsight.net/nati2.asp?recno=2363 (23 Jul 2006)

ミャンマーの弾道弾保有に関してSelthは In this context, it is worth noting that Burma has never possesed ballistic missiles. Nor has it expressed any serious interest in acquring them, despite rumours in 1999 that the SPDC had asked China for some M-11 short-range ballistic missiles, of the kind reportedly helb by pakistan.として否定的。

"Myanmar gives asylum to two Pak nuke scientists,"
PTI , NOVEMBER 23, 2001,<http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1503847143.cm > (26 Nov 2001)

Close on the heels of US intelligence officials questioning two Pakistani scientists on their alleged links with Osama Bin Laden's al Qaeda, Myanmar authorities have reportedly granted sanctuary to two other Pakistani nuclear scientists following a request from Islamabad, according to highly placed intelligence sources.

The two scientists, Dr Suleiman Asad and Dr Mohammad Ali Mukhtar, have been flown to Sagaing division of Myanmar, after the authorities in Yangon acceded to Pakistan regime's request, the sources said here.


Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra, "Nuclear Scientific Community of Pakistan: Clear and Present Danger to Nonproliferation," SAAG,  07.02. 2003, <http://www.saag.org/papers7/paper601.html> (23 Jul 2006)

8. Dr. Muhammd Ali Mukhtar:

Dr. Mukhtar is Ph.D in nuclear physics and has served in Khusab and Islamabad offices of PAEC. He is said to have joined PAEC in early 1980s. This Scientist is a weapon expert. He was allowed to slip out of Pakistan to Myanmar along with Dr. Suleiman Asad fearing interrogation by American agencies. The duo are said to have participated in an unspecified “research programme” in Myanmar. Before leaving to Myanmar, the scientist had been working in Khan Research Laboratories in the department dealing with defence production. The scientist is said to have connections with Al Qaeda.

9. Dr. Suleiman Asad:

To escape the interrogation regarding his linkage with Al Qaeda, with the support of Musharraf government Dr. Asad along with Dr. Ali Mukhtar had flown to Sagaing division of Myanmar. Dr. Asad is a weapon expert.

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2006年6月25日 (日)

Afghan leader says Pakistan trains miltitants


http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/ISL74388.htm  (25 Jun 2006)
Afghan leader says Pakistan trains miltitants
18 May 2006 14:15:24 GMT
Source: Reuters

KABUL, May 18 (Reuters)

http://www.isn.ethz.ch/news/sw/details.cfm?id=15944 (25 Jun 2006)

Afghanistan and Pakistan 'Taliban threat'
The ideological conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan has left room for the Taliban.

By Tarique Niazi for The Jamestown Foundation (22/05/06)

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